MedPro Cast Protector, Arm

MedPro Cast Protector, Arm

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Allows for a worry-free showering experience.  Single patient use.  Great for hospital or home use.
    • Plastic ring to help in removal of the product

    • Stretchable rubberized opening creates a water resistant seal without irritation

    • Long lasting water resistant vinyl body

    • Keeps casts, bandages, wounds, burns, rashes and other injuries dry.

    • Fits most adults and children

    • Easy to slide-on with one-hand

    • Creates a water tight seal without irritation

    • No tapes, straps or pumps to use

    • Will not tear or puncture easily

    • Reusable design

  • Latex-free
This product is designed as a cast or bandage water protective aid while showering or bathing.
    1. Before use, file down any sharp edges on the cast that may pucture the cast protector.

    1. Hold the plastic ring firmly then pull over the cast or bandage.

    1. Be sure the plastic protector completely covers the cast or bandage and fits snugly to the edge of the cast or bandage to form a secure seal to keep the water out.

    1. BEFORE REMOVAL: be sure to dry the plastic ring of the plastic protector.

  1. When removing be sure to grasp the plastic ring and not the plastic bag as this may cause product failure.
The reusable MedPro® cast and bandage protector is intended for single patient use.

Note: To determine the correct cast protector length, measure from the tip of finger to the top of the cast or bandage and add 1".

Due to hygienic reasons, this product cannot be returned