Deluxe Water Cervical Pillow

Deluxe Water Cervical Pillow

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Core® Deluxe Water Pillow Excellent Support for a More Restful Night's Sleep

The Core® Deluxe Water Pillow provides the firm support of a therapeutic water pillow but now features an oval-shaped center to maximize comfort and cervical support. The oval-shaped displacement panel quiets the sound of water movement and cradles the head in a more comfortable and natural position. Unlike other water pillows without displacement panels, the Core® Deluxe Water Pillow does not bulge or cause unnecessary stress on neck.

Versatile and Fully Adjustable

The Core® Deluxe Water Pillow is recommended for anyone recovering from injury or concerned with maintaining spinal health. Water responds instantly when turning from a back to a side sleeping position and allows for a more restful sleep. Simply add or remove water from removable water chamber to achieve desired firmness and comfort. Sateen-striped cotton cover over a plush fiber lining feels cool and gentle on skin. Use it with or without the water chamber to help reduce headaches and snoring. 26x 15 (66cm x 38cm)

  • Adjustable support for a more restful night's sleep
  • Instantly responds to changes in sleeping position
  • Easy to fill removable water chamber

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FIB294 Core Deluxe Water Pillow
ACC821 Standard Pillowcase - Light Blue