Proactive Gel Electrodes, 1.5"x3"/4x8cm

Proactive Gel Electrodes, 1.5"x3"/4x8cm

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Self-adhesive, pre-gelled & reusable Electrodes for use with most TENS and muscle electro stimulators
    • Built-in conductive gel surface remains effective for up to 30 uses

    • Flexible cloth backing allows the electrode to easily and durably conform to all body surfaces

    • Pre-wired and pre-gelled for easy and convenient application

    • Long lasting, hypo-allergenic gel keeps skin soft

    • Rounded edges for prevention of electrode curl-up

    • Anchored pigtail prevents wire pull-out and increases usage life

    • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for application to multiple treatment zones

  • Latex-Free

ProActive™ TENS Electro Stimulators Literature sheet